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Indoor Air Purification

There’s more to being comfortable in your than just air temperature. The humidity level and air quality play a large role too. Garnett has the equipment and experience to remove 99.98% of the allergens in your home and maintain the proper humidity in your home. It will redefine what comfort means to you and your family.

With the proper IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) equipment your family will be healthier because they will experience fewer airborne allergy symptoms. You will breath easier during and the day and sleep better at night.

Indoor Air Quality Factors

Many different types of contaminants affect your indoor air quality. The contaminants can be pathogens, particulates, gases and toxic gases just to name a few. Indoor pets can be a large factor in your air quality. Below is a list some of the pollutants that can affect your home’s air quality:

Micron sizes and how they affect your allergies

Proper filtration can bring effective relief to anyone suffering from allergies in your home. A great deal of the most common allergens bypass the body’s natural defenses and embed deep in the lungs due to their microscopic size. Garnett can install air cleaners that remove elements as small as .1 micro, that is 700 times smaller than a human hair!

How do I get clean air in my home?

Garnett Heating and Air can provide you with effective solutions for clearing various types of pollutants from the air inside your home. We will pinpoint the specific issues in your home that are affecting your IAQ and offer you an exact plan to illuminate them. Some of the ways we improve you home air quality is:

honeywell f300 air cleaner in spotsylvania va

Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner | F300

Low Maintenance and Low Cost Air Cleaner

The F300 air cleaner captures up to 99% of all airborne particles in your home using a 3-stage filtration system. It is economical to maintain and easy to clean. The filters are renewable and eco-friendly and to clean you simply remove the filter every 6-12 months, wash it and replace it. No costly replacement filters needed.

Garnett is your air quality professional

You may need an efficient whole-home humidifier to add additional moisture to the air or an air purification system to remove and kill harmful microorganisms. You may need both to correct your particular issues. Garnett has the experience and resources to customize an indoor air quality system that will make your home healthy and comfortable for your entire family.

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HVAC contractors use a Manual J calculation to determine the heating and cooling loads of a home or building, and recommend the capacity of HVAC equipment needed. It's one of the tools published by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America to help HVAC contractors design a heating and air conditioning system.

Indoor Air Quality